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OneWorld Now!‘s primary objective is to cultivate the next generation of global leaders. The program is unique, however, because it is designed to create opportunities for young people that have historically not had access to integrated leadership programs – students of color and economically disadvantaged youth. Here are some of our students’ stories.  
ali asim

Open Gate of Opportunities

Ali: Arabic at Roosevelt High School and Study Abroad in Egypt

Everything about OneWorld Now! is great. The staff members are like my older brothers and sisters; they’ve helped me in every possible way. They have played a big role in my college application process. Starting from the winter session to the end of the school year, they have been helping me to get in to a good college, where I can continue studying, and learn about the world around me. I will be attending Evergreen State College in the fall. They have taught me to be a leader, and not just think about myself, but also think about the people around me. read more IMG_6808

My Dream a Reality

Philmon: Chinese at Garfield High School and Study Abroad in China

One of the most significant opportunities I had through OneWorld Now! was the Congressional Page Program, where high school students are sent to Washington, DC for a semester to work for congress on the House of Representatives floor. After my semester as a Congressional Page, I was invited to stay for the rest of the year to be a role model for the new pages in the spring semester. It was truly an honor to be able to work in the same place as the people who serve our country. read more CIMG0650

Impossible is Nothing

Michelle: Arabic at Cleveland High School and Study Abroad in Egypt

OneWorld Now! has been a big part of my success during the last 2 years of high school. I started the program my junior year learning Arabic after school and attending leadership workshops every Friday. At the end of the year I was so surprised at how much commitment I put into this program. OneWorld Now! also offered many more opportunities. My heart was in studying abroad, but I never thought it was possible financially. I was told by OneWorld Now! that I should ‘never let money be a factor’, and I got this amazing opportunity to travel to Morocco, immerse in Arabic culture and further develop my language skills. read more DSC_0422

Ready for Global Citizenship

Nazeehah: Arabic at James Campbell High School, Hawaii, and Study Abroad in Qatar

Nazeehah is a senior at the University of Hawaii, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Islamic Studies. She has completed three years of Arabic and is applying her language skills as the Arabic Language Assistant for OWN-Hawaii classes. She has been the President of the Islamic Society since her freshman year, finding herself applying leadership skills every day. read more Kevin Korea3

Five Languages and Counting

Kevin: Arabic at James Campbell High School, Hawaii, and Study Abroad in Morocco

Kevin is a senior at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in International Relations with a focus on North/South Korea. He is currently on full scholarship on study abroad in South Korea. When he returns to HPU in a few weeks, he’ll continue at his previous job at the HPU study abroad office as an assistant to the Director. He speaks Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Filipino. Once his BA is complete, he plans to take a year to travel and connect with the many friends he has made on various trips abroad while also apply to graduate school. He intends to pursue a Masters in Global Governance or International Relations and Diplomacy. read more marianne nari

Global Leader Breakfast 2015 Speech

Marianne: Arabic at Roosevelt and Study Abroad in Morocco and beyond

I am a true Seattleite by birth. Anyone in this room self-identify as long-term Seattleites? Let me see a raise of hands. To give you a bit of a background of the person standing in front of you today. I grew up just around the corner from what was formerly known as the Safeco building, now dubbed UW Tower on 45th. Picturing it in your mind, I spent a good amount of my childhood in a studio apartment with a family of four in aging apartment. read more

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