Jiyeaon L. Chang OneWorld Now

Jiyeaon Chang

Korea Program Manager and Instructor

Jiyeaon was born and raised in South Korea. She obtained a B.A. and M.A. in Public Administration in Korea. Jiyeaon came to Seattle on scholarship to study English. She went on to obtain a M.Ed in TESOL at Seattle University. In Korea, she taught English to executive members in P&G Ssang-yong , private institute program, public elementary school, and more. In Seattle, she has taught Korean in St. Andrew Kim Korean Catholic church program and United Seattle-Bellevue Korean school since 2001. Jiyeaon has been teaching at the ESL/Talk Time program in KCLS since 2006. Recently, she started the ESL Book Club at Sammamish Library.  She volunteers at the UW Korean language program, and Meet-up group at U-District, and ESL program in the Lake Washington School District.