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Our study abroad programs take students on a life-changing journey to develop intercultural skills, explore other cultures through homestays and historical sites, learn critical world languages, and make friends with high school students from around the world. OneWorld Now! study abroad programs bring together a diverse group of Seattle area high school students to foster transformative international learning experiences. Designed especially for high school students, our programs allow participants to:

  • gain important 21st-century leadership skills and global competencies;
  • experience immersion learning and community service abroad;
  • develop lasting bonds within a diverse group of high school youth from the Seattle area;
  • build friendships with students from around the world.

OneWorld Now! has over 15 years of experience teaching world languages, facilitating youth leadership development, and organizing study abroad programs for high school students. Students will be accompanied by OneWorld Now! staff and have the added support of in-country partners.

2018 Study Abroad Opportunities (Application closed)

KOREA: Tradition and Modernity in South Korea

The application is now closed

DATES: July 10-July 23, 2018 (open program) OR August 3-August 16, 2018 (current OWN students only)

In the shadow of the Korean War, South Korea has developed astronomically over the past several decades. How has this rapid development impacted rural communities and traditional Korean culture? Explore this duality through conversations of current military tensions, a booming pop culture industry, and the peninsula’s deep history. Learn how to make kimchi, experience the Samsung Digital Pavilion, and visit the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

RUSSIA: Youth Leadership Development in Russia

The application is now closed

DATES: July 25-August 11, 2018 (open program)

Live and serve in Kitezh, a rehabilitative foster community for orphaned and abandoned children. Work on maintaining the farm, school, and homes alongside community members. Experience firsthand Kitezh’s philosophy of youth leadership development and social responsibility. Discover the historical sites of St. Petersburg with Russian high school students, and explore the capital city of Moscow.

MOROCCO: Girls’ Empowerment in the Moroccan South

The application is now closed

DATES: July 27-August 9, 2018 (open program) OR August 9-23, 2018 (current OWN students only)

Learn how the rural community of Oued Ifrane in southern Morocco is challenging traditional gender roles through sports, fiscal independence, and artisan empowerment. Engage with the women of a weaving cooperative and the community’s girls’ soccer team. Hike up sand dunes and sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert. Learn Moroccan Arabic, forge lasting relationships with your host family, and explore Morocco’s largest traditional markets.

CHINA: Educational Equity in Urban China

The application is now closed

DATES: June 23-July 6, 2018 (open program)

Live, work, and study alongside Chinese peers at the Beijing-Changping New Oriental Foreign Languages School. In multi-cultural teams, craft and deliver lessons to elementary students at an under-resourced school for migrant children. Spend time at home with your classmates, exploring the capital city with their families while experiencing local customs and daily routines. Share your experiences comparing equity in urban education through a culminating project and farewell party.

IIE Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner

OneWorld Now! took the Institution for International Education’s pledge to increase the number of American students who study abroad.

As of October 2015, the IIE-led Generation Study Abroad initiative now includes more than 600 partner organizations, including 350 U.S. colleges and universities, and 100 from outside of the United States. Study abroad organizations and education associations, as well as 14 country partners around the world, have also joined. In addition, 500 K-12 teachers from 50 states have pledged to take action to encourage their students to develop a global perspective and consider studying abroad when they are in college.

Are you an educator or organization working in the field of study abroad? Take the pledge and join IIE Generation Study Abroad.

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