Online Introductory Language Courses

OneWorld Now! is not currently offering any short (3-week) courses online, but registration is open for our 2020-21 after-school program.

About our short online courses

For the first time, OneWorld Now! is offering three introductory language classes which can be completed entirely online. These non-credit classes for high school students will last a total of 9 hours, spread over 3 weeks.

In each course, you will be introduced to the language and culture you are studying, including learning how to greet others and introduce yourself, and you will start to learn some of the alphabet used by that language.

Eligible students: Students enrolled in 8th grade through 12th grade are eligible. Note that these classes will be non-credit and low stress!

Technology required: To attend this class, you will need either a smart phone, tablet, computer or other device that is connected to the Internet, can download Zoom, and has a front-facing camera.

Cost: OneWorld Now! classes charge tuition on a sliding scale based on family income in order to make classes accessible to all students. Tuition for students receiving free and reduced lunch is $10. For all other students, please consult the calculator below to find your family’s tuition level.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your family’s income, please select a tuition payment based on your best estimation of your family’s income level for 2020.

These online classes are made possible with support from Historic South Downtown.