In Memoriam, Honor & Celebration

Gifts have been made to OneWorld Now! in memory, honor or celebration of the following people. Thank you for supporting OneWorld Now! by memorializing your friends and loved-ones.

Talbot MRCI Russia Scholarship FundDana Thompson, Heidi McKay, Sue Vetter, Anne Winskie, Jane Talbot, Tricia Jerue, Walter Pereyra, Stowe Talbot, Heidi McKay

  • MUSTAFA AL GAMAL: Honored by Hope Johnson
  • LORRAINE BARBAT: Honored by Frith Barbat 
  • CHERYL COWAN: Honored by Ernest Joseph
  • CHRISTINA & MARK DAWSON: Honored by Sara Litt
  • JILL DOUGHERTY: Honored by Percy Lipinski, Jeffrey Gill
  • KRISTIN HAYDEN: Honored by John W. Hayden, Bob Walsh
  • BARBARA HELM: Honored by Chris Helm
  • HOPE JOHNSON: Honored by Miles Johnson
  • ALDEN LANDIS: Honored by Greg Landis, Keats Landis
  • JENNIFER O’NEAL: Honored by Nathalie Boss
  • OGAWA FAMILY: Honored by Jay Greer
  • DAVID ROGERS: Honored by Nancy McDonnel, John Browne, Christine Perry, Barbara Rogers, Ellie Kouwenhoven
  • BILL SELLARS: Honored by Michele Aoki
  • NICK SILER: Honored by Hope Johnson
  • KIRSTEN ROGERS: Honored by Emil Rodriguez, Kim Prochnau, Barbara Rogers
  • J. CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Honored by Anne Stevens and Family
  • JENNIFER TANAKA: Honored by Allessandra Zielinski


Thank you so much for the difference you all have made in my life. – Philmon Haile

Thank you for everything you do to overcome communication barriers (linguistic and otherwise); and cultivate leadership. OWN is giving students the tools to change the world. – Alanna Tritt

In honor of the Amazing OWN Staff Team & Students – Kristin Hayden

OWN staff and family – Andrea Vielma

In honor of the OWN students – Lisa Devine