Rocio Araujo


Rocio Araujo

Community Service Coordinator Intern

Rocio is a first-generation Mexican-American student who grew up in Yakima, WA. She is currently a 4th year at the University of Washington double majoring in Education, Communities & Organizations and International Studies: Asian Studies with a minor in Asian Languages and Cultures.

Rocio is passionate about educational equity and sustaining languages, literacies and cultures. Language learning has been a passion and interest of hers since early adolescence and she speaks Spanish, French and Korean. In the future she hopes to work as a language teacher or in a dual language instructional program. Other interests of hers include foreign diplomacy and language curriculum development.

She is proud to have joined the OWN team as an intern in Fall 2019. She is currently the community service coordinator at OWN and enjoys reading, baking, doodling and completing DIY projects in her free time.