Staff & Board

Committed, Passionate Leaders

Staff Members

Staff can be contacted at [first name]

Jordan Goldwarg

Executive Director

Caitlyn Lamdin

Director of Study
Abroad & Operations

Rachid Rhenifel

Director of Languages

Angela Whitfield

Leadership Manager &
Program Coordinator

Beth Amsbary

Development Manager

Kenny Le

Operations Associate

Nasreen Hassan

Community Engagement &
Recruitment Coordinator

Dana Thompson

Russia Program Manager

Eman Sahli

Arabic Language Instructor

Jeongha Park

Korean Language Instructor

Jin Chen

Chinese Language Instructor

Yunee Kim

Korean Language Instructor

Lizzie Roberts

Program Design &
Development Graduate Intern

Kristin Hayden

Founder and Senior Advisor

Current Board Members

Herman Uscategui

Chair of the
Board of Directors  

Nancy Harris

Chair-Elect of the
Board of Directors

Kirsten Rogers

Vice Chair of the
Board of Directors

Justin Ith

OneWorld Now! Alumnus & Founder, Stealth Health & Wellness Startup

Kyoko Minegishi

Board Member

Mary Beth Hawk

Board Member

Rania Mussa

OneWorld Now! Alumna &
Solutions Architect at Appens

Robin Lin

Lin & Co., LLC

Wendy Williams

Board Member

Zora Yang

Board Member

Founding Board Members

Katharine Bullitt (1925 - 2021)

Community Leader

Bob Walsh (1940 -2017)

President and CEO, Bob Walsh Enterprises
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