My Dream a Reality

My Dream a Reality

Philmon: Chinese at Garfield High School
and Study Abroad in China

One of the most significant opportunities I had through OneWorld Now! was the Congressional Page Program, where high school students are sent to Washington, DC for a semester to work for congress on the House of Representatives floor. After my semester as a Congressional Page, I was invited to stay for the rest of the year to be a role model for the new pages in the spring semester. It was truly an honor to be able to work in the same place as the people who serve our country.

I am grateful for OneWorld Now!’s focus on global leadership and awareness, which has helped me expand my previously nascent global perspective. OneWorld Now! encourages its students to think about the limitations in our world as being created by ourselves. My experiences in the global leadership courses have inspired me to become a catalyst for social change and to help others realize their goals.

I spent my first year at OneWorld Now! learning Mandarin Chinese, and, while other programs were incredibly expensive, OneWorld Now! provided me with a full scholarship. I am particularly excited that OneWorld Now! provided me with the opportunity to spend my entire senior year of high school in China! Now, after my experiences, I know what I want to become: a US ambassador working to make a change in this world through serving nations.  I am confident that OneWorld Now! has given me the skills and instilled in me the values that will make my dream a reality.

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