OneAmerica Joins OWN Leadership

Group of people standing in front of a stage
This month OWN Leadership had a special guest from OneAmerica.
OneAmerica is a Seattle based organization that focuses on “organizing immigrant and refugee leaders and allies to build power in communities and run campaigns to create a just immigration system, inclusive education for all, and a truly representative democracy”. Radu Smintina, Education Coalition Manager, joined the in-person and online Leadership cohorts of OneWorld Now to discuss ways in which young leaders can get involved with policy and advocacy in their communities. Radu is a wonderful storyteller and took time to share his family’s story immigrating to the US from Romania and how that experience shaped his understanding of America and amplified his passion for building a more just educational system.
Radu shared that one of the goals that OneAmerica is currently working on is to pass a dual language bill to ensure funding of these programs. Dual-language learning is a pedagogy where students are taught in two languages simultaneously (i.e English and Spanish). Not only is this important for students who are English Language Learners, but also has a significant impact on American born English speaking students as they get consistent exposure to another language.