OWN Statement About War in Gaza

Dear OneWorld Now community,

The OneWorld Now staff and board have been horrified by the recent violence in Palestine and Israel. We condemn the attack of Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians on October 7th, and we condemn the response of the Israeli government that has resulted in the deaths of innocent Palestinian civilians.

As an organization that has taught Arabic since our founding in 2002, we have deep connections across the Middle East, and we know that many in our community are feeling deep pain and grief as a result of the bloodshed. This includes me, a Jew who previously spent five years working for an organization that brings together Palestinian and Israeli teenagers for interfaith dialogue, leadership development, and social change projects.

OneWorld Now recognizes the deep complexity of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the ways in which the conflict further polarizes discourse here in the United States. In particular, we recognize that the conflict increases both Islamophobia and antisemitism around the world. In light of this, OneWorld Now has signed the Washington Statement In Solidarity with Jews and Palestinians, and we urge me