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Thank you for being someone who understands the spark of global caring and citizenship, who sees its bright value. Join with others to pass that gift onward to the next generation of leaders, with a contribution to the work of OneWorld Now. You are needed.

Please meet OneWorld Now alum Aminah Adams.

Aminah is a deeply thoughtful young woman from Seattle’s Rainier Valley who speaks powerfully about the issues that spark her passion. As a 14 year-old, she heard about OneWorld Now’s summer camp introduction to Arabic and signed up. “I love Rachid!” she quips, about our legendary Arabic instructor. “So then I was like, let’s do the academic year.” Aminah went on to take Arabic 1-3 and two years of leadership workshops with OneWorld Now. She also came back to volunteer.

Leadership was the best extracurricular activity that I did in my high school years. It really shaped my leadership skills: group work, talking about real issues going on within America, social issues across the globe. The main and most important thing is it shaped who I am to interact with people internationally, to stand up for good causes. Being a leader basically.

Aminah says those three years of programs set the stage for the events that changed her life.

When I was 17 years old, I went to Amman, Jordan. OneWorld Now is what helped me get into the program. I got the travel bug when I entered Jordan but when I got the spark is when we went to the Palestinian orphanage and I was volunteering to help, to plant flowers for the kids. That’s when I got the spark, when I knew that I don’t want to stay in the U.S. I want to pursue my medical career in another country, outside the U.S., and I want to take the skills that I have – the lingual skills, the Arabic skills – and volunteer within the medical field in a country like Jordan. That’s the real spark: to experience a whole new culture, a whole new education system, everything.

Alhamdulilah, I got in and here I am! In nursing school in Turkey! The OneWorld Now staff helped so much with applications and recommendations. OWN played a big role in my aspirations to go to college internationally. I love OWN and I know future students will too.

Students Seek their Spark through OneWorld Now

Our vision is a world where all young people have access to transformative international education. It speaks powerfully into this moment of the world, as well as to today’s students. A surprise of the pandemic has been the record number of students who have enrolled for our language and leadership programs. Enrollment literally doubled, going from 110 students to 220 students. Our plan for the year is to meet their hunger to become global citizens in four ways:

  • More Students with More Access: In-person classes are happening again, but we heard overwhelmingly from students that they also wanted online classes. Online studies remove barriers that prevented some students from accessing the program in the past. We anticipated a decline in enrollment this year, as other in-person extracurricular activities started up again, but instead, last year’s record enrollment stayed steady. And as always, no student is ever turned away for lack of funds.
  • More Partnerships: While we have had a relationship with Seattle Public Schools for years, we now have a contract with them, adding school-day classes to our after-school programs. And we have a new partnership agreement with Highline Public Schools, south of Seattle.
  • Deeper Commitment to Equity. The pandemic has given us an opportunity to reflect on organizational culture at OneWorld Now. Two concrete outcomes of this reflection have been the hiring of an alum, Nasreen Hassan, as our new Community Engagement Coordinator, which increases our accountability to the communities we serve. Board transitions will further center two alums in organizational leadership. We are thrilled that Nancy Harris will assume the role of Board Chair in January, and that Rania Mussa is our new Treasurer.
  • Return of Study Abroad: We are optimistic about running some programs in 2022, although the pandemic is obviously still creating a lot of uncertainty. At minimum we will continue to support our students who want to study abroad with other programs. We plan to raise and give away $60,000 in study abroad scholarship support.

Celebrate the Spark of Students. Support Their Dreams.

Most of our students would not be able to participate in our programs if they had to pay the true cost. And we know that it is our duty to pay our staff a living wage for the transformational work they do with our students. So how do we fill this gap? Many of the extra costs of the past 20 months were met through one-time grants, such as COVID relief funds. Those special grants won’t be here next year. But you will be. Individuals like you fill a special place: funds that flow directly to student needs without restrictions. The goal by the end of the year is to raise $30,000 from people like you. A group of friends have already donated $17,000 toward that goal. Please add your spark to theirs!
  • Make a tax-deductible gift online or by mailing a check to 610 Maynard Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
  • Consider a monthly pledge. They add up over time!
  • Our friends at ChiaChia’s Queendom want to entice your generosity! Through December 31, when you purchase one of their delicious cooking products, they will make a 100% matching donation to OWN. Handcrafted, small batch, and bursting with flavor, these oils bring international cuisine to your table. Just enter the promocode OWN2021 at checkout.

Questions or other ideas? Reach out to Beth Amsbary, Development Manager at beth@oneworldnow.org or 206-285-8830.

Thank you, on behalf of Aminah and every OneWorld Now student seeking their spark.

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