OWNing the Experience: Tina Nguyen, OWN Student

By OWN Student Tina Nguyen, Global Leadership Program
OWN Speaker Series Event: How to Negotiate and Ask for what you want with Sage Quiamno

Last week, I went to an OWN event with speaker Sage Quiamno about how to negotiate and ask for what you want. I wanted to go to help meet my leadership goals for the upcoming year. I hope to be able to continue opening myself and talking in front of crowds. By practicing those skills, I hope to grow my communication skills. In my mind, I think communication is an essential skill to change a person and future.

During the session

During the event,  from the time I got into the room until I left, I felt welcomed and appreciated for people to hear about my own opinion. I’ve never really had the chance to talk about myself and say what I wanted to say because of my position in society (being a young Asian Woman). Usually, I am told that my opinion was unimportant or my ideas stupid.

There were ten students in the room. Sage asked us to give our name, where we’re from, and when we feel the most powerful. We then passed around the yarn to make a web. We also played the orange game, where each team got secret instructions. There were two teams. My team was supposed to negotiate for the orange peel, and the other side was supposed to ask for the orange juice inside. I think the orange game was exciting. It was also fun to argue about the orange. When the game ended, we had time to reflect on we did well and not so well.

The speaker

The speaker was friendly and she gave me the confidence that I needed to say what I wanted to. She listened carefully and analyzed what I had to say, creating questions for everyone to reflect on. Throughout the time with the speaker, I had a lot of ideas.

What I learned

After the session, I felt empowered to convey my opinions and ideas through my actions and listening skills. I had time to reflect on it at home and practice.  I used my improved negotiation skills arguing with my parents. In the future, I will use my new negotiating skills with others by:

  • showing them respect through my body language 
  • stating my expectations loud and clear 
  • finding similarities to agree on 
  • finding a way for myself and the other person to benefit 
  • asking questions 
  • trusting the negotiation process to benefit me. 

About the author: Tina Nguyen is a senior at Franklin High school and takes Korean II classes with OneWorld Now!. She hopes to study International Business in university.  Her favorite foods include celery, cooked fruits, and any type of greasy food.

About the speaker: Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno is a passionate women’s rights advocate, equal pay champion and community builder. She is the co-founder of Future for Us, a grassroots initiative dedicated to accelerating the advancement of women of color through community, culture & career development. Learn more about Sage on Linkedin