So long, summer! Let’s get back to school

Before we rush back to school, we wanted to share a few highlights from a very busy and exciting summer.

OneWorld Now! students traveled around the globe this summer to further their world language proficiency, practice their global leadership skills in new surroundings and make friends.

In Korea, students immersed themselves in Korean language and culture.  They dressed in traditional Korean hanbok, learned how to cook bulgogi and kimbap, took a TaeKwonDo class, and visited Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple.  They went to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea and met with Liberty in North Korea, an organization that aids North Korean refugees.  With their host families, students practiced their language skills while exploring Seoul and participated in a youth camp at Sokri Mountain.  For more photos from our Korea program, visit our Facebook album.

In Morocco, students met with nonprofit organizations that are making significant changes in their communities.  They learned about the local artisan economy at a women’s weaving cooperative, explored a date oasis, and participated in a workshop about women’s health.  In rural homestays, students immersed themselves in Moroccan Arabic and experienced Moroccan hospitality.  They camped overnight in the Sahara desert, explored Marrakesh’s famous jemaa el-fna, took a drumming workshop, and more. For more photos from our Morocco program, visit our Facebook album.

In Russia, students immersed themselves in the Russian language and culture through a youth exchange at Kitezh village and visits to the famous cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. With 15 Russian youth, our students participated in daily service activities, language practice, and typical village life, like picking berries and making jam. Students went on a hike to an archaeological dig in search of WWII relics. The Russian youth and OWN students wrapped up their time together around a campfire with dancing and performances. All the students fell in love with the Russian people, who welcomed us and treated us with kindness throughout the trip, and all said they plan to go back! For more photos from our Russia program, visit our Facebook album.

Not all the excitement happened outside of the country this summer. Here at home, OneWorld Now! held our annual Summer Language and Leadership Camp in partnership with STARTALK. High school students from around the greater Seattle-area committed three weeks of their summer to learning Arabic, Korean or Chinese and making lifelong friends. Watch the below video for highlights!

All of the programs highlighted in today’s email are made possible thanks to the generous support of friends like you.

We hope you will join us on Thursday, September 27th for our annual Global Leader Reception and Auction.

All proceeds from the event go to our Back-to-School Scholarship Drive. Tuition at OneWorld Now! is on a sliding-scale based on household income. Ninety percent of students receive some level of scholarship support. OneWorld Now! is committed to accessibility to transformative international education.

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