Get Global 2018 Recap

Youth activism has caught America’s attention. Finally, a story OneWorld Now! has been telling for years, is making headlines:

Young people are changemakers and we must look to them as our next generation of leaders.

On Saturday, April 21, OneWorld Now! students showcased these leadership skills at the annual student-led Get Global  conference. From conference logistics to workshops and speakers, youth envisioned, planned and executed an outstanding event. Get Global empowers youth to take action on the pressing issues they care about.

Watch OWN Talks from Get Global 2018

For Amina, gun violence is an everyday reality. In her talk, she wants asks us to reflect on why it took Parkland to get Americans to march in the streets and what we’ll do to stop gun violence in black and brown communities.

Elyse critically questions the “glorification of busy,” laying out the implications of unrealistic expectations on students. Have academic demands become too much?

For Kevin, it took getting lost in the expectations of others to find himself. In the process, he learned a lesson many adults have yet to realize: be real, to yourself.

Watch more OWN Talks on our Vimeo channel.

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