Our 16th year is off to a great start!

We officially kicked off the academic year on Friday, October 13th with a lively day-long orientation to welcome the new cohort of global leaders.  Students from as far north as Ingraham High School to as far south as Cleveland are joining us for a year-long journey of rigorous world language studies, mind-opening leadership workshops and the opportunity to participate in scholarship-based study abroad.  We’ve compiled the highlights in a photo essay below.

The previous week we held our annual Global Leader Reception at Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom. Guests heard inspiring testimonials from OWN alumni:

Your alumnus speaker Justin hit it out of the ballpark. He said one phrase which caught my attention: “We overestimate the problem and underestimate the solution.” What great insight from such a young man! 

At OWN, we’re in the business of making sure our future leaders are critical thinkers and problem solvers, ready to tackle the toughest challenges our communities and world face.

Through your support we raised $59,000 for our Back-to-School scholarship drive. All of our students receive some level of scholarship support but the majority receive the highest scholarship level, covering 98% of the tuition. Scholarship support is crucial for increasing accessibility for underrepresented youth.

You can still give to the scholarship drive.

Thank you for joining OWN to develop the next generation of global leaders!


Photo Essay from Orientation

How many languages can you say “welcome” in? We’ve got Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian down!

Returning students played a key role in making the incoming class feel like part of the “OWN family”.

Global Leadership Co-Facilitators Jayanika and Khyree (an OWN alumnus) kept students on their toes through energizing ice-breakers and team building challenges.

Our language teachers joined in the fun to begin getting to know their students and building rapport.

One team-building challenge included making a music video.

For our returning students it was like a family reunion.

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