In Memory of Bob Walsh, Global Citizen & Entrepreneur

We are deeply saddened to share that OneWorld Now! founding board member Bob Walsh recently passed away unexpectedly. As an entrepreneur with a big heart, Bob pioneered major sporting events grounded in the power of citizen’s diplomacy, such as the Good Will Games in 1990, and he directed humanitarian efforts in the Soviet Union and later Republic of Georgia, both of which led to honorary awards.

Since the beginning of OneWorld Now! in the early 2000’s, Bob has been a steadfast supporter of our aspirations to cultivate the full leadership potential of today’s youth through international education.

“Bob Walsh inspired us all to go after our Vision – no matter how big and bold – and this influenced the origin of OneWorld Now!”- OWN Founder Kristin Hayden

Bob remained a firm believer in the power of everyday people to exercise citizens’ diplomacy and to establish meaningful human connections across nations and borders. OneWorld Now! is proud to continue his legacy by fostering intercultural understanding both here in Seattle and internationally.

Later this year, we plan to launch the Bob Walsh Scholarship Fund to support underserved youth to study abroad and engage with peers around the world.

We will miss you dearly Bob, though your spirit will live on in our enduring mission to develop the next generation of global leaders.

Should you like to support Bob’s son and his forth coming Memorial then please visit the Bob Walsh Memorial on GoFundMe.


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