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Get Global 2016

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OneWorld Now! Leadership Facilitator (and program alumna) Andrea Vielma breaks down the preparation and execution of the yearly OneWorld Now! Get Global Youth Conference. Each year, students put together a full day conference that explores a topics they’re passionate about and develop skills like organization, time-management, public speaking, and more. The conference is based on OneWorld Now!’s unique global leadership curriculum.  After ten weeks of hard work, Get Global 2016 proved to be a well-executed success! Every year, students design and lead their own workshops or OWN talks (modeled after the popular TEDx Talks). Students carry out all the logistical details — from registration, to ordering materials and food, to creating the schedule and assigning rooms and more.

OWN Talks

The 2016 Get Global Conference included OWN talks about mental health, Islamophobia, cultural identity, and more. Here are a few of the OWN Talks: Watch more OWN Talks on our Vimeo channel.


Each workshop consists of a group of around three to five students. Students offered workshops on Cultural Appropriation, Leading Healthy Lifestyles, Islamophobia, and Modern Day Slavery. Workshops were followed by lunch, during which organizational guests were allowed to participate and recruit in an opportunity fair.  





Students also work hard to create a diverse and exciting entertainment program. Students from inside and outside of our community are welcome to show off their talents. This year, we were wowed with songs, hip hop dances, a ballet dance, cultural dances, a local student rapper, and a guest spoken word artist. The conference closed out with a cultural fashion show, highlighting diverse traditional wear from all over the world including eastern Africa, eastern and southern Asia, and countries from all over Latin America. Watch more Get Global Entertainment on our Vimeo channel. All Get Global conferences follow a general schedule: breakfast, speeches, workshops, lunch, entertainment, and they end with a cultural fashion show. This year however, our students planned a few special surprises: apart from their own workshops, they reached out to the community and invited two guests. We were honored to host a guest workshop led by holocaust survivor as well as a guest speaker who touched upon Seattle’s history with Japanese Internment Camps. As staff members, we constantly floated in the background, ready to answer questions and provide guidance when needed during the process. The take away point? We staff members were in the background — Get Global is 100% a youth conference, designed for other high school students and led by high school students. Many of our students have landed job and educational opportunities because of the great leadership experience this conference gives them.

What students had to say about Get Global

Said student mentor YK:
“Get Global 2016 was first global conference hosted by OWN students that I attended. I was so fascinated by all the different workshops, OWN talks, and performances that it left me speechless. My role for Get Global was the Workshop WAM, where I overlooked and made sure that all the workshops are staying on task /on schedule. I personally learned how to work with others a lot better. As the Workshop Accountability Manager, I had to continuously talk to the workshop coordinators and went around to each workshop and held a discussion about their topics and what they plan to include in it. Besides working with the workshop groups, I was constantly communicating with the other WAMs from other positions to discuss what our goal was and needed to do. I also had to talk with the Get Global Leadership Team whenever there were misunderstandings or needed directions. But overall I learned to communicate/work with others in a more improved way, and was able to step up and to include everyone without leaving someone unanswered.”
This stands out as a deep reflection, showing that being a part of this conference teaches the skills necessary for teamwork. Student mentor Warda, who gave a co-own talk on #blackgirlmagic added
I can say for sure that this year’s Get Global was one of the most thought provoking, inspiring and challenge experiences I’ve had. From learning to communicate with my peers to make sure I meet deadlines,  I feel like I’ve grown tremendously throughout this process. I can’t thank everyone that supported and continues to support my peers and I!”
Warda was really nervous about giving her co-speech, #BlackGirlMagic, in front of her peers and strangers but in the end, she pulled through and did a fantastic job. Often, we get a lot of past students who drop by to see the conference, and Alumni Kieran is one such student. He later told me that
“I would have to say this year’s Get Global was the best Get Global I’ve been to so far. All of the students seemed more organized and prepared than they have in the past. It really gave me a different perspective on the world since it was my first Get Global as a guest rather than a student.”
It seems Get Global exceeded expectations! Even weeks after the conference, Our students are still sharing their experiences online! First year student Sepia just posted a few images on Facebook, writing,
‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ Photos of me from ‪#‎GetGlobal16‬: Such an impactful event and I am so grateful to have participated in it!” When I asked her to expand on her opinions, she responded, “Get Global really did make a lasting difference for me, I not only felt deeply inspired at Get Global but I got to inspire OTHERS! I got to make a real difference and that is what I LIVE for! If I only touched ONE person out of the hundreds there, I can say that my OWN talk was a success! That’s all it takes is one person’s life being touched and I am clear that my job has been done!”
One of our guests, Bob Hershkowitz, was invited to give a workshop on the Holocaust. Our students hoped to learn from his wisdom, but it seems that Bob walked away wiser, as well. In an email that Bob sent us, he reflected: “It was a fascinating experience. I had never seen such an ethnically diverse assembly and I was one of the few adults…I was welcomed by a lot of smiling and enthusiastic organizers and a lot of handshakes and thanks from numerous students. Our country is in good hands. I went home with a broad smile on my face.” We’re so glad Bob had such a positive experience at our conference and that inspiration flowed both ways! Read Bob’s full letter here. Our students walked away, visibly transformed from the experience — most of them put in over 25 hours of community service. They had to learn and demonstrate a wide variety of skills which have been proven to help our students secure jobs. Most importantly of all, they’re given a safe space to talk about topics important to them and share their experiences with others.  

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