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Dear supporters,

Amid troubling headlines of conflict and instability abroad, and within the borders of our diverse nation, OneWorld Now!’s work remains as relevant today as it was when we were founded after the attacks of September 11.

Recently we have witnessed new attacks in Paris, Mali, and elsewhere, the growing plight of the Syrian refugees, and the persistence of inequality and strained race relations in cities across the United States. All the while, our own politicians are using rhetoric that drives wedges between people of different backgrounds and beliefs instead of bringing us together around common values and shared hopes for our future.

At OneWorld Now!, we are part of the solution of working toward a more peaceful, stable, and inclusive global society. Through our work, we are growing a community that bridges the superficial differences that distance us from each other. We’ve set out to expand within Washington State and internationally by connecting our students with peers in Asia and the Middle East. The self-awareness, empathy, social justice orientation, and cross-cultural skills we instill in students equips them to be thoughtful future leaders.

Our alumni give us hope for a better future for all. As you read their stories, know that your support is needed to translate this hope into real opportunities for our students.

As 2015 comes to a close, please consider an investment in our shared future. Make a tax-deductible donation to OneWorld Now! today.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Tanaka

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PrestonPreston’s Story | OWN Class of 2011

Before joining OneWorld Now! Preston had little ambition but after a year in the program, he saw himself as a completely different person. Davis described himself as more mature, serious, and thinking about life after high school: “OWN brought light to my life and gave me hope to succeed in school and work”. Today, Preston is an Intelligence Analyst in the US Army, putting his Arabic and cross-cultural leadership skills to work.

BinhBinh’s Story | OWN Class of 2008

Binh is a second year law student at the University of Washington interested in global business consulting focused on East Asia and China. She laid a strong foundation for this path while obtaining her BA at the University of Washington Jackson School of International Affairs with a triple major in International Studies, Political Science, and Chinese. Between class and studies, Binh is giving back to OWN by leading our new Alumni Mentorship Program, where alumni share their skills and time to coach current students.

CesarCesar’s Story | OWN Class of 2012

A graduate of Ida B. Wells School for Social Justice and now at the University of Washington, Cesar is committed to making life better for immigrants. Today Cesar is a Peer Ambassador at UW Study Abroad office, inspiring other minority youth to pursue international opportunities. He is also a Student Ambassador at Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity’s Multicultural Outreach and Recruitment.

“As a person who enjoys speaking about Central American migration to the US, in five years I see myself working for the federal government in the Citizenship and Immigration Services in Honduras.” – Cesar

RaniaRania’s Story | OWN Class of 2007

Rania is now applying to law school to fulfill her dream of becoming an International Human Rights Lawyer. During her undergraduate studies at Whitman College she was a Member of the Whitman Student Government’s Executive Council, was the founding President of Whitman College Muslim Student Association, worked at the Whitman Intercultural Center, and served as President of the Whitman College African Club. As she prepares for law school, she spends her free time as a tutor at East African Community Services for the children of recently arrived immigrants and refugees.

PhilmonPhilmon’s Story | OWN Class of 2007

Philmon Haile came to the United States from Eritrea with his family when he was four years old. He joined OWN as a sophomore at Garfield High School. That was only eight years ago, and in the time since Philmon has served as a Congressional Page in the U.S. House of Representatives, interned with the Department of State in Beijing, completed his B.A. in International Relations and Affairs, and is now looking forward to graduate school. He is fluent in Mandarin and Arabic. Today Philmon is a Research Fellow with the Fulbright Program in Jordan, working with youth centers in refugee camps.

LaurieLaurie’s Story | OWN Class of 2008

Laurie is a Community Activist. Laurie was born in the United States to parents who were refugees from Vietnam and grew up in a single parent household which heightened her awareness of poverty and injustice. She recently graduated from the University of Washington in Biology and Anthropology with a minor in Diversity. In school she held leadership positions with Health Equity Circle, GlobeMed, Younger Women’s Task Force and the Anthropological Society. She is a Board Member of the Tenants Union of Washington. Currently, Laurie is serving a one year fellowship with the Congressional Hunger Center as part of the Emerson National Hunger Fellowship Program to eliminate hunger and poverty.

AliAli’s Story | OWN Class of 2008 

After graduating from the UW Foster School of Business, Ali was awarded a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and studied in Cairo, Egypt. Following Egypt, Ali was appointed several roles at the U.S. Department of State, including positions with the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships,
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, and the Jordan and Lebanon Desk.
Today Ali is at the Office at the Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights.

OlesyaOlesya | OWN Class of 2014

Olesya came to the US from Russia when she was eight years old. Joining OWN gave her a supportive community. “When I moved here I thought America was just french fries and hamburgers but I’ve seen it’s so much more diverse. I love getting to know different cultures because this is the true America. America has many faces. As people we tend to get stuck in our own communities, our own group of friends and we don’t experience things outside of our comfort zone. I don’t think I would have had these experiences if not for OneWorld Now!.

MarianneMarianne | OWN Class of 2007

Marianne started OneWorld Now! in 2007 and went on study Arabic at Amideast in Morocco before receiving a Boren Scholarship and FLAS Fellowship to continue her studies in Jordan. Today Marianne is a Research Associate at the Department of Energy. She is a former Kuwait Programme Scholar from Sciences Po in Paris, France where she recently completed her MA in International Energy. Her work broadly covers energy policy, nuclear nonproliferation and focuses on the Middle East.

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