Meet our 2015/2016 100K Strong Ambassadors

A centerpiece of the 100,000 Strong Foundation’s grassroots movement is their Student Ambassador Program, which is designed to generate greater demand for Mandarin language learning and study abroad in China across the United States.

Each year, the Foundation selects more than 100 American students who are studying Mandarin or have studied in China to serve as their ambassadors. These students share their transformative China experiences with both their peers and stakeholders in their local communities. Hailing from more than 30 states (and counting), 100k student ambassadors represent not only some of the brightest young scholars in the US-China field, but also the remarkable diversity of American society.

OneWorld Now! is honored to announce that eight of our students have been selected as 2015-2016 100,000 Strong Student Ambassadors. These students join ten other OWN students and alumni as the third cohort of student ambassadors.

Rozanna Caberto, Franklin High School 
Mario Gaspar-Ayala, Renton High School
Pauline Heng, Zhejiang University
Sahra Ibrahim, West Seattle High School
Kevin Lam, University of Washington
Nancy Nguyen, Garfield High School
Cesar Garcia, University of Washington
Philmon Haile, University of Washington
Cacima Lee, Garfield High School
Kelvin Njenga, Garfield High School

Meet our 2015/2016 100K Strong Ambassadors

Christopher Lam

Lam, Christopher

Vanessa Lam

Vanessa Lam

Justin Leung

justin leung

Jasmine Leung


Jeanette Nguyen

Jeanette N

Edmel Ronquillo


Jasmine Woon

Jasmine Woon

Judy Wu

Wu, Judy

What is a student ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are nominated by 100K Strong Foundation’s Signature Partners – like OneWorld Now! – and other affiliates. They are currently or have recently studied Mandarin or have studied in China. They embody the 100K Strong mission and have a profound appreciation for Chinese culture, come from a variety of backgrounds across the country, and have demonstrated a commitment to promoting exchange between the US and China.

What do student ambassadors do?

Student Ambassadors support the 100K Strong mission to expand and diversify the number of Americans studying in China and learning Mandarin. They encourage their peers to follow in their footsteps. They act as a bridge between the Foundation’s grassroots movement and key stakeholders, such as elected officials, media, business and academic leaders.

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