A Solution to Bill Gates’s Biggest Regret

A letter from our language students

Dear Mr. Gates,

When we recently learned that your biggest regret is not knowing a second language, we decided to extend an invitation. OneWorld Now! students would like to invite you to join our language program as an Honorary Student. Classes meet twice a week, and you can learn Mandarin Chinese or Modern Standard Arabic alongside some of the most inspiring high school students in Seattle.

In your annual letter you wrote, “There has never been a better time to have a big impact around the world.” OneWorld Now! began in 2002 with a similar vision. By giving our students the opportunity to learn another language, acquire leadership skills, and then build upon this experience through study abroad, they are emerging as the next generation of leaders to have a global impact.

You may be asking yourself, “Why have I been invited to become an Honorary Student?” For us, it’s as simple as having a positive impact in the world. In 2004, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded OneWorld Now! a grant that was pivotal in our ability to access international education opportunities as underserved students. Now we want to give back.

You have played an important role in teaching over 1,500 high school students Arabic and Chinese. Many go on to continue language studies in university and benefit from these skills as they enter the job market.

One of the things we learn in the OneWorld Now! leadership program is that life should be looked at through the lens of infinite possibilities, and we have to dream big. Join our language program as an Honorary OneWorld Now! Student. Class starts promptly at 4:00 p.m. at the Impact Hub Seattle. Don’t be late for your first day!

It’s time to leave your biggest regret in the past.


Global Leadership Students of OneWorld Now!

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Bill Gates met with Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2013

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