International Volunteer Day

12/5 is day to celebrate the kindness of volunteers

“On this International Volunteer Day, let us be inspired by the many individuals who selflessly serve others, and let us resolve to do our part to contribute, freely and proactively, to change conditions now towards a better future for all.”

– Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, United Nations

International Volunteer Day 2014 is a global celebration honoring people’s participation in making a change at all levels – locally, nationally and globally. The theme for this year’s IVD is “People’s Participation. Make change happen, volunteer!”

Every day of the year, volunteers and interns are making change happen at OneWorld Now!; in fact, we’ve come to think of our dedicated, hardworking team as Changemakers. From those who provide admin support in the office to volunteers skilled in Arabic and Chinese tutoring OWN students and more, the impact is profound.

Our volunteers are as diverse as the students in our program. We benefit from the cultural and linguistic expertise of international students. Alumni also volunteer, bringing intimate knowledge of the program that makes them excellent mentors for current students. Undergraduates come in enthusiastic to gain experience and help in any way possible. Graduate students delve into comprehensive projects from program evaluations to  leading our summer language camps. Volunteer groups from Starbucks and Deloitte share time to lead projects and facilitate special workshops for students. Our volunteer Broad of Directors have provided years of valuable leadership.

Volunteers enable OneWorld Now! to thrive and continue offering our programs year after year. Our volunteers inspire us. They remind us daily of the power of generosity, giving freely of their time and talents to make all OWN does possible. It takes a community to achieve what OWN does day to day and volunteers are vital to the program every step of the way.

Thank you, Volunteers, for making OWN possible!

Learn about current opportunities to volunteer.