15 Reasons to Celebrate International Education

A celebration of International Education Week 2014

November 17, 2014 kicked off the 15th annual International Education Week 2014, organized by the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of their efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

International Education at OneWorld Now

In honor of the 15th anniversary of International Education Week, the OneWorld Now! alumni and staff are sharing 15 reasons international education matters to us individually and, broadly, to the global community. Since 2002, OneWorld Now! has been providing language, leadership and study abroad to underserved high students and we have many, many reasons to celebrate International Education Week.

Things we’ve learned thanks to international education, why it matters to us and how it’s changed our lives:

  1. International education matter because it can inspire us to do whatever and be whatever we want to be. – Ann Wong, OWN Alumna
  2. International education matters because it provides an opportunity to learn about the U.S. from a different angle. It also puts the “American” experience into context by learning how different people live. – Alekz Wray, Leadership Program Manager
  3. International education matters because it expands our intellectual horizons along with our personal world views. – Nazeehah Khan, OWN Alumna
  4. Learning about different cultures helps us understand that it’s not just other people who are shaped by their culture–we are too. – Sarah Standish, OWN Academic Program Manager
  5. Thanks to world languages and study abroad, my best friends are from Morocco, Mexico, and Japan – Kirsten Rogers, Director of Development Communications
  6. International education matters because it provides a foundation of peace building across cultures. – Sherry Zeng, OWN Alumna
  7. Study abroad transforms students into passionate global citizens – Lokela Alexander Minami, Director of Operations
  8. International education matters because in an increasingly competitive global market cultural competency and diplomacy makes fostering business partnerships possible! – Arielle Davis, former OWN Student Services Manager
  9. International education matters because it reminds me that there is more to the world than what I see in my little bubble and we can’t just think about ourselves. – Nancy Tang, OWN Aluma
  10. International education provides opportunities for students to become more accepting and understanding of difference.  – Alekz Wray, Leadership Program Manager
  11. International education is the best way to really be humbled about how little you know and understand about the world…and become curious to learn more! – Sarah Standish, OWN Academic Program Manager
  12. International education taught me that history is a matter of perspective. – Binh Vong, OWN Alumna
  13. International education matters because not only do we learn about the world, but it also teaches us the history and stories of those in our local community. – John Compton, OWN Consultant
  14. The world is getting smaller but, thanks to international education, we are befriending our neighbors, benefiting from the richness of diversity, and living in peace. – Kirsten Rogers, Director of Development Communications
  15. International education matters to me because it lets our students know that the world is a lot smaller than they think it is and that there’s a ton to learn outside of the boundaries of Seattle. – Alekz Wray, Leadership Program Manager

Why does language, leadership and study abroad matter to you? Tell us! Hop on over to Facebook or Twitter and share why international education matters to you.

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