OWN Staff Kirsten Rogers Featured in “Worldview”

Kirsten talks about her work at Peace Corps and OWN

Excerpt from the article: Kirsten Rogers, 27, who recently returned from a Peace Corps stint in Morocco, said that a year of intensive Evans courses afforded her the practical information in economic development she needed to help women weavers and wool spinners grow their businesses.
Rogers learned Arabic along the way, realizing the importance of personal connections between Americans and people they work with in host countries. “I came back thinking how to help family, friends and colleagues develop relationships,” she said.

These days, Rogers works with OneWorld Now!, an after-school language and study-abroad program for underserved high school students. They’re learning Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. This summer, Rogers will be program manager for a One World Now summer language camp.
“Volunteering abroad showed me that more high school students and more undergraduates need the opportunity to go abroad, to become more global citizens,” Rogers said. “We can’t afford not to do this.”

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